23 Jul 2024


PWM servodrive is ‘industry’s most advanced’

The Israeli controls specilaist ACS Motion Control has developed a PWM (pulse width modulation) single/dual servodrive that it describes as “the industry’s most advanced”. The NPApm drive, which supports two ±10V sine-wave current commutation commands, can operate with any motion controller to address the most demanding motion applications with regards to move and settle times, standstill jitter, and velocity smoothness.

The drive combines ACS’ NanoPWM servodrive technology and a new technology called DRBoost that enables an external controller to dynamically modify the dynamic range of a command. This results in standstill jitter and tracking error performance claimed to exceed that of linear drives.

ACS says it provides the benefits of a PWM drive – such as low heat dissipation, high reliability, simple supply requirements, small size, simple setup and Safe Torque Off  capabilities – at a lower cost.

“As a result of our unique approach to motion control,” says ACS president, Ze’ev Kirshenboim, “the NPApm Series is the most advanced PWM single/dual servodrive currently available on the market.”

Software support tools are provided for set-up, configuring and tuning of the modules.