24 Jul 2024


Programmable encoder comes to the rescue

Programmable encoder comes to the rescue

Sick-Stegmann has developed an incremental encoder that can be programmed to provide any resolution from 1-8,192 pulses/rev (ppr). The DRS 61 encoder will allow users to replace failed encoders immediately without having to stock fixed-ppr replacements, as well as allowing systems integrators to tailor an encoder to an application during commissioning.

Encoder manufacturers typically offer thousands of different encoders with different pulse counts, so the encoder discs are usually manufactured to order with lead times of several weeks.

The new encoders (shown above) can be connected to a PC and programmed with the required ppr value within minutes. They contain very high resolution discs whose signals are processed electronically to achieve the required pulse count.

The encoders cost around £20 more than a standard £130-150 encoder. The software and programming cable cost an extra £75.