22 Jul 2024


Profibus International announces encoder certification testing

Profibus & Profinet International (PI) has introduced certification of products that use its encoder profile, thus ensuring the interoperability of drive and motion control applications. Together with PI’s PROFIdrive profile, the encoder profile defines interoperable application interfaces for various drive and motion control technologies based on Profinet and Profibus.

The proven PROFIdrive profile tester will be used for the encoder certification tests. A special test script has been developed for encoder certification, which is now available for the latest version of the tester. It controls the test sequence and the evaluation of encoder devices automatically, simplifying testing as well as cutting certification costs.

The PROFIdrive profile tester with the encoder test scripts is available as a free download to PI members. Encoder manufacturers can use it during development, allowing certification tests to be performed on pretested devices. The tests will be performed by PROFIdrive test labs.