25 Jul 2024


Power analyser with touchscreen ‘scope is ‘the first’

Keysight Technologies has announced a power analyser that, it claims, is the first to combine accurate power measurements with touch-driven oscilloscope visualisation. The IntegraVision analyser makes it easy for engineers to obtain dynamic views of current, voltage and power.

The instrument can be used to:

•  visualise transients, in-rush currents and state changes with a high-speed digitiser that captures voltage, current and power in real time;

•  analyse power losses in the time and frequency domains using Nyquist-based computations; and

•  gain new insights by viewing parameters on the 12.1-inch high-resolution, multi-touch display with pinch, zoom and scroll capabilities.

Engineers have previously needed both a power analyser, to make accurate measurements, and an oscilloscope to visualise repetitive and single-shot events such as turn-on effects and transients. Eliminating the need for a separate oscilloscope simplifies testing, saves space and costs, and cuts configuration times.

The new instrument can measure AC and DC power consumption, power conversion efficiency, operational response to a stimulus, and common AC power parameters such as frequency, phase and harmonics – all with 0.05% basic accuracy and a 16-bit resolution. The analyser allows engineers to characterise power consumption under dynamic conditions, with a digitising speed of 5m samples per second and a bandwidth of 2MHz.

“With power analyser accuracy and scope-like waveform visualisation in a single instrument, IntegraVision power analysers make it significantly easier for R&D and design validation engineers to pinpoint and fix problems or to optimise the power efficiency of their designs,” says Kari Fauber, general manager of Keysight’s Power and Energy Division. “If engineers can use an oscilloscope, they already know how to use this instrument, so the learning curve is minimal. With the touchscreen, power measurements are no longer time-consuming and tedious.”

The analyser provides isolated inputs up to 1kV rms (Cat II), as well as 2A and 50A rms DC inputs on all channels. External sensor inputs support current probes and transducers up to 10V full-scale.

A two-channel IntegraVision PA2201A power analyser, suitable for single-phase AC measurements, is expected to ship in May. A four-channel version (PA2203A), for three-phase analyses, is planned for the fourth quarter of 2015.