22 Jul 2024


Portal will act as one-stop shop for smart technologies

The Smart Futures portal will act as a gateway to the world of smart technologies

DFA Manufacturing Media, the publisher of Drives & Controls, has launched an online portal and social media information resource called Smart Futures that will cover developments in smart technologies across a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, medical, building, agriculture, energy, security, transport and materials.

The portal will help visitors to stay up-to-date on these technologies via an immersive, interactive experience. It will also offer organisations operating in these sectors a new channel for marketing their technologies.

Smart Futures has been created to help the process of digital transformation currently underway in the UK and around the world. Its mission is to facilitate knowledge exchange, explore emerging best practices, and help business development in communities poised to turn the digital vision into reality.

The Smart Futures portal will focus on being an information resource centre that will communicate with visitors on a range of digitalisation topics, through interaction via the Web, social media and mobile devices.

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