25 Jul 2024


PLCs and HMIs get a three-year warranty

Mitsubishi Electric Europe has announced that its controller and HMI products will now be covered by a three-year extended warranty at no extra cost. The warranty covers the company’s Alpha, FX, System Q and iQ Platform controllers, and its GOT range of HMIs (below), bought from authorised distributors in Europe.

“When we look at the numbers of PLCs and controllers that have been working reliably in the field for ten or 15 years or more, that says volumes about the design, the performance and the build quality,” says Mitsubishi Electric’s marketing communications manager, John Browett. “But customers shouldn’t just have to take our word for it, which is why we’re now offering a three-year warranty.”

To take advantage of the extended warranty, customers must register new products on a dedicated section of Mitsubishi’s Web site. The site allows them to manage the warranty information via downloadable tables of registration information. It also gives them access to more than 27,000 FAQs, 11,000 product and application documents, and a library of configuration tools, CAD data and more.