25 Jul 2024


PLC fits on a business card

PLC fits on a business card

Telemecanique has announced a programmable controller with a footprint the size of a business card for applications where space is limited. The Twido PLC supports 10-264 I/O, and comes in two versions: a Compact range for standalone applications such as pump controls and vending machines; and a Modular range for automating repetitive machine processes. The PLCs, which are programmed using IEC 1131-3 list or ladder languages, use the same I/O modules and options including HMIs and real-time clocks.

There are three Compact base controllers offering various combinations of 24V DC inputs and relay outputs to give 10, 16 or 24 I/O points. They have a 2,500-instruction capacity, measure 70 x 95 x 90mm, and operate from 100/240V AC supplies.

There are five Modular base controllers, operating from 24V DC supplies and offering various combinations of 20 or 40 24V DC I/O. They can accommodate up to seven expansion modules to add discrete, analogue or mixed I/O. They have an 8,000-instruction capacity.