23 Jul 2024


PLC CPU talks C

PLC CPU talks C

Mitsubishi has launched a processor for its Melsec System Q automation platform that is programmed using the high-level C or C++ PC languages. The company says that this development will cut the time needed to design and program many applications, as well as reducing the number of interfaces needed.

In particular, it says that the QO6CCPU will simplify complex number-crunching tasks, and communications. As well as controlling equipment via the System Q`s I/O, the CPU provides a direct connection to office and factory computer networks, and allows remote access via Ethernet and FTP.

The processor builds on the real-time VxWorks operating system, allowing users to program applications in C or C++ via the Tornado development environment. The C languages are said to be extremely flexible, with the object-oriented C++ version, in particular, being widely used and easy to learn.

Mitsubishi suggests that the 32-bit RISC-based C-controller could be used in combination with dedicated motion and PLC CPUs, with each performing the task for which it is best suited.

“For the first time,” the company says, the PC is truly embedded -— no longer is there are PC-v-PLC debate. Users can use each in one integrated environment -— PLC for many standard functions, or PC programmed with the powerful C++ language.”