23 Jul 2024


Plastic material boosts bearing performance five-fold

The plastic bearings specialist igus has developed a new tribological material than can be injection-moulded to produce plain bearings that perform up to five times better than standard polymer materials. It is using the lubricant- and maintenance-free material in a new range of low-cost, heavy-duty plain bearings.

Initial tests suggest that, depending on the shaft material, the iglidur Q2 bearings performs two to five times better than standard polymers in pivoting applications at a radial load of 76MPa. The material can be used at temperatures from –40 to +200°C (or 130°C for continuous operation).

According to igus UK director Matthew Aldridge the new bearings “push the limits of injection-moulded bearings even further. The combination of high wear-resistance and low deformation characteristics makes the iglidur Q2 ideal for heavy-duty pivoting movements.”