23 Jul 2024


Planetary reducer combines several functions

The French gear specialist Redex Andantex has developed a planetary reducer which combines several functions to create a complete sub-assembly for demanding machinery applications. The company claims that its SRP reducer saves space and exhibits a rigidity that is 10–20% better than its rivals.

Andantex planetary reducers

The reducer (shown above) is suitable for controlling either rotational movements – for example, indexing tables or robot arms – or translational movements – in precision rack-and-pinion drives, for instance. It provides high axial and radial load-bearing capacities, and an angular backlash of about one arc-minute.

The “unique” design of the casing and outer ring assembly allows the use of an output bearing with over-sized conical bearings, resulting in levels of torsional rigidity said to be “among the highest on the market”.

The reducer is available in five sizes and eight reduction ratios, with two levels of backlash. It accommodates input speeds up to 1,200 rpm and produces nominal torques from 1-2.84kNm. An angle-drive version is available as an option.