23 Jul 2024


Pair will develop tiny Ethernet connectors for Industry 4.0

The German connector manufacturer Harting Electronics has teamed up with Japan’s Hirose Electric, to develop, standardise and market a miniaturised connection technology for 10Gbit industrial Ethernet.

Traditional RJ-45 Ethernet connectors are not ideal for use in industrial environments and can only be used with certain modifications. In response to this, Harting developed the world’s first industry-compatible, field-attachable RJ-45 connectors.

But Industry 4.0 will need many more connections. “As a form of the Internet of Things, there is one thing that Industry 4.0 requires above all else – an Ethernet connection to each and every Industry 4.0 component,” says Harting chairman, Philip Harting.

Harting and Hirose believe, therefore, that a new miniaturised connector is needed.

Hirose specialises in tiny connectors for handheld devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and cameras. For example, it developed the micro-USB connector. Under the partnership, Hirose will apply its expertise to the industrial market to provide miniature high-speed connectors suitable for Industry 4.0 applications.

The two companies plan to reveal further details about their connectors at the electronica and SPS IPC Drives exhibitions in Germany later this year.