23 Jul 2024


Optical mouse talks to the inverter wand

Optical mouse talks to the inverter wand

Invertek, the Welsh drives-maker formed by former Control Techniques employees, has developed a remote control progamming and analysis software package for is Optidrive range of inverters.

It has also unveiled a second-generation version of its innovative Optiwand programming device which uses wire-free, infared communications to program and control the drives.

The sofware package, known as Optistore, include a plug-in interface – the Optimouse – to provide two-way communications between an Optiwand and almost any PC. The software can store, analyse and print all of the drive parameters.

If a problem is encountered when programming a drive, the program can be transmitted from the drive to the Optiwand and then downloaded to a PC via the Optimouse. The new Optiwand has an extra infrared port to allow a wider angle of communication with the drives.

Invertek has also extended the power range of its drives up to 45kW by introducing a larger drive based on Toshiba`s latest intelligent power modules. The drive uses an “innovative” power input to avoid the cumbersome, costly and hard-to-wire filters often needed for drives of this size.