23 Jul 2024


`One drive for all` offers resistor-less braking

`One drive for all` offers resistor-less braking

WEG Electric Motors has continued its expansion into the controls arena with the launch of an inverter that it describes as “one drive for all applications”. The CFW-09 drive integrates sensorless vector, closed-loop vector, and voltage/frequency operation into a single product that also offers a variety of communications interfaces.

Covering a power range of 1.5-700kW, the inverter is aimed at demanding applications such as winding, dosing and mixing. It incorporates an “optimal braking” feature for applications needing short braking times or where high-inertia loads need to be stopped. In most applications, it will stop the load without needing dynamic braking resistors, thus cutting costs while delivering braking torques said to be about five times greater than typical DC braking systems.

The CFW-09, which uses WEG`s “Vectrue” technology, can be used as a standalone drive, or as an intelligent node in a factory network. Optional plug-in fieldbus modules are available for Profibus DP, DeviceNet and Modbus RTU buses. RS-232 serial ports are standard, with RS-485 as an option.

Another option is a software package called Superdrive that allows the drive to programmed on- or off-line.