23 Jul 2024


ODVA enhances Ethernet/IP to integrate Hart devices

ODVA has published enhancements to the EtherNet/IP specification outlining how to integrate devices that support the Hart Communication Protocol into an EtherNet/IP architecture. It says this will allow Hart users to take advantage of industrial Ethernet.

The specification defines a standard mechanism for integrating Hart devices into the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). Using this mechanism, a CIP originator (such as an industrial control system) can communicate with a Hart device as if it is a native CIP device. The result is seamless communication between CIP-based devices and Hart-based devices, without needing any changes to the Hart devices or the CIP originators.

“The integration of conventional Hart I/Os is another step in fulfilling ODVA’s vision for the optimisation of process integration,” says Olivier Wolff, chair of the ODVA technical working group for EtherNet/IP in the process industries. “Now that the initial focus to integrate conventional field devices with industrial control systems and asset management systems is complete, the organisation will continue to adapt EtherNet/IP to the full spectrum of process industries’ needs, including profiles for field devices to simplify device integration, diagnostics according to NE107, and comprehensive device configuration methods.”