25 Jul 2024


Novel motor propels Japan`s 150km/h electric motorbike

A Japanese company has unveiled a prototype electric motorbike powered by a motor that combines permanent magnet and electromagnet technologies for improved performance.

Tokyo-based Axle Corporation says that its EV-X7 bike has a top speed of 150km/h and a range of 180km using a battery that takes six hours to charge. It costs ¥80 (£0.38) to charge the battery, compared to the ¥550 (£2.63) worth of fuel that a comparable 250cc petrol-engined bike would need to cover the same distance.

The 2.13kW Sumo motor incorporated into the motorcycle`s back wheel is said to operate with an efficiency of 80%. It provides enough torque to climb a six-degree hill at 25 km/h.

Axle plans to start selling a scooter-sized version of the bike next year, priced at around £1,200. It is also looking at the possibility of producing four-wheeled vehicles based on the Sumo motor technology.

The company is also hoping to set up r&d partnerships with companies and universities to develop other products, such as domestic appliances, using the motor technology.