25 Jul 2024


Non-round current sensor fits on rectangular busbar

Pulse's current sensors are designed to fit onto rectangular busbars

The US electronic components supplier Pulse Electronics has announced an AC current sensor designed specifically to fit onto rectangular busbars, rather than having the traditional round shape.

Although primarily intended for smart meter applications, the PA3207NL sensor can also be used for industrial motor controls, power line monitoring, and in commercial and industrial panels.

The lightweight, coreless device – part of Pulse’s Sidewinder AC sensor family – fits onto the standard rectangular busbar of an ANSI 2S smart meter, simplifying the design and assembly of the meter base. Its output is linear from 0.1–200A and it provides an accuracy of 0.2% for measurement of AC currents at 50 or 60Hz.

“Instead of shaping the busbar to fit the sensor, Pulse has designed the sensor to fit the busbar,” explains Pulse field applications engineer, Glenn Roemer. “This simplifies the meter base design and assembly and provides measurement and control engineers with a lower-cost current-sensing solution.”

The sensors cost around $2.15 each in quantities of 10,000.