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16 June, 2024

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Modular approach delivers freedom to assemble any kind of electrical switchboard

19 October, 2023

We all use modular systems in our everyday lives. Our children build toys out of plastic bricks, while we furnish our homes with easy-to-construct flatpack units. But what makes these products so versatile and effective? It is the simplicity of modular design.

When it comes to manufacturing, a modular electric panel enclosure system is based on the same idea. By using standard individual parts, it can be designed and constructed to the exact size needed, with a simple option to scale it up and build almost any configuration you would like.

Over recent years the concept of modularity has gained popularity across the technology sector, and it is not difficult to understand the reasoning behind this. In hybrid and process manufacturing, a modular structure allows manufacturers to develop and build flexible motor control solutions suitable for multiple applications and industries. The modular idea delivers versatility to end users who have the freedom to choose power components from any supplier, when planning their electrical panel construction.

Modularity is the idea of collaborating and conforming manufacturing solutions to accelerate development and innovation. The combination of hardware and intelligent systems helps manufacturers to modularize complex systems into smaller components and tasks. This creates an environment where integrators and end users can compose unique solutions from a variety of sources, to solve problems.

Standardized panels mean greater agility, flexibility, and a highly customizable approach in motor control centers (MCCs) that can be tailor-made with brand-agnostic panels and adapted to fit the precise floorspace, project budget and performance criteria. 

Modular enclosure systems make it possible to build every type of switchboard solution in the low-power segment, based on several standard parts, without compromising on quality. This ensures maximum versatility and an enclosure that meets individual requirements and demands from end user, customer, and consultant - it gives you an opportunity to construct just the right switchboard for your requirements. 

There are numerous possibilities for the construction of tested panels. Versatility regarding width, height and depth means that the panel can be designed to suit its place of installation and ensures simultaneously that the panel can be modified or extended later, as the need arises.

The CUBIC modular enclosures from Rockwell Automation deliver all these benefits. On top of the versatility of the modular system it is also one of the safest and most tested enclosure systems on the market. These solutions can be used in many situations, where electrical switchboards are a necessity to ensure the operation of electrical equipment. With the help of highly trained system integrators – specialists in structural design, power systems, and global standards – there is no need to over-design. They use IEC-certified hardware and ancillaries, with Galaxy design software, to integrate components such as breakers, contactors, overloads, drives, switches, and soft starters.

The process also cuts accreditation time because the panels have been tested and verified by the world's most recognized test laboratories. Whether in infrastructure, energy, or various industrial sectors, the CUBIC modular system stands as a testament to the power of modularity in creating adaptable, reliable, and highly customizable electrical switchboard solutions. 

This approach to electrical switchboard construction offers a world of possibilities, thanks to its adaptability and scalability. By choosing from a variety of standardized parts and the freedom to select power components from any supplier, users can build switchboards tailored to their exact needs. With a commitment to delivering tested panels and global standards compliance, CUBIC’s modular system offers a complete solution that fits together seamlessly, much like our favorite building blocks and flatpack furniture.  



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