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13 July, 2024

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Cobot is mounted on an autonomous mobile platform

30 June, 2023

A cobot (collaborative robot) mounted on a mobile platform was one of the innovations that Kuka was showing at the Automatica exhibition in Germany this week. The KMR iisy mobile cobot can move safely through work areas for flexible use at assembly workstations, in logistics and as a robot service system. The cobot can carry payloads of 11 or 15kg, while the mobile platform can carry an additional 200kg.

A single smartPad Pro teaching pendant operates both the cobot and the platform, avoiding the need for a second operating device. The combined cobot/platform has low particle and emission properties, allowing it to be used in cleanrooms to perform tasks such as pick-and-place, material transport and palletising.

Also new on the Kuka stand was a mobile platform that can transport materials and workpieces weighing up to 1.5 tonnes around a factory floor and position them precisely at their destination. The KMP 1500P platformhas a 60mm lifting height and can travel at speeds of up to 1.8m/s without a load, or 1.5m/s when loaded.

Both of these mobile systems can be fitted with 3D cameras, and safety laser scanners and are designed to operate safely in complex, dynamic environments, where they can adapt autonomously to their surroundings. They are charged inductively. Kuka offers software for managing fleets of mobile platforms.

Kuka’s KMR iisy mobile cobot platform can carry workpieces around a plant

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