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12 July, 2024

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Sick-Aeva deal brings 4D Lidar sensing to industrial apps

02 August, 2022

The German sensor-maker Sick has entered a multi-year collaboration with the US-based sensing technology specialist Aeva to bring its 4D Lidar technology to industrial sensing applications including long-range position and velocity sensing. The Aeries II technology is predicted to boost the reliability and efficiency of 3D measurements in demanding applications.

Aveva has integrated all of the key components needed for Lidar (light detection and ranging) – including the transmitters, optics and receivers – onto a silicon photonics chip housed in a compact module. The sensors can detect instant velocity as well as 3D position, allowing autonomous devices such as robots and vehicles to make intelligent, safe decisions.

The sensors can measure the velocity of four million points per second with cm/s precision, as well as determining precise 3D positions. They have a maximum detection range of up to 500m and a maximum field of view of 120 by 30 degrees.

Aeva claims that its FMCW (frequency modulated continuous wave) 4D technology offers “unique” advantages over other technologies such as cameras and 3D Lidar sensors. These include a wider dynamic range when sensing low and high reflectivity targets at the same time This means, for example, that automated machinery can move easily from indoor to outdoor environments.

And because Aeva’s technology is immune from blooming and ghosting caused by retroreflectors, it allows automated machinery to spot highly reflective objects such as safety vests, cones and tape.

Aeva claims that its 4D Lidar technology will boost the reliability and efficiency of distance and velocity measurements in industrial applications

Dr Niels Syassen, Sick’s board member responsible for technology and digitisation, is convinced that Aeva’s “unique approach to FMCW technology, which includes instant velocity detection and long-range performance, will provide new opportunities for us and our customers in a variety of industrial sensing applications where traditional time-of-flight Lidar technologies are challenged”.

Aeva’s co-founder and CEO, Soroush Salehian, describes the partnership with Sick as “a major step forward for the advancement of high-performance and reliable FMCW-based sensing across a broad set of industrial applications. This strategic collaboration is a testament to the industry-leading performance and versatility of our unique 4D LiDAR technology for scaled deployment in industrial applications.”

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