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13 July, 2024

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Acoustic imager detects changes in sounds from plants

19 October, 2021

Fluke Process Instruments has announced its first acoustic imager – a device that can detect, locate and visualise air and gas leaks, or spot changes in sound signatures in processes and equipment in real-time, before they become costly problems. Using an array of sensors, the SV600 imager translates sounds into a visual representation, allowing users to locate and quantify problem areas quickly.

The imager integrates with factory systems and can act as an early warning system, detecting changes in compressors, pumps, pipes, conveyors. It can also be used to inspect products and to perform quality control. The results can be evaluated remotely, minimising the need for operator intervention, even in parts of a plant that are hard to reach. Users can define alarm settings.

“With automated acoustic imaging that the SV600 brings, maintenance teams can visualise leaks or sound signature changes to factory equipment or assets, and prevent unscheduled maintenance and possible costly downtime, and at the same time improve factory safety by minimising operator intervention,” says Herman Warnshuis, president of Fluke Process Instruments.

Fluke’s acoustic imager can spot potential plant problems in time to take action

The imager can be mounted on Boston Dynamics’ dog-shaped mobile robot called Spot to automate the detection of air and gas leaks, while cutting energy costs and improving safety. Spot can go where other robots can’t go to perform variety of tasks. It can move across large facilities, or unstructured terrain to automate inspections, and monitor remote or difficult to access environments.

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