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20 June, 2024

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Lease a cobot from £450 per month with no upfront payment

24 September, 2021

Universal Robots (UR) has launched a leasing scheme that will allow SME manufacturers in the UK and Ireland to lease a cobot (collaborative robot) from £450 per month, with nothing to pay until 2022. The aim is to cut the costs of introducing automation for SME manufacturers by avoiding the need for an upfront capital investment.

The scheme will allow them to deploy cobots now and to spread the cost across a 36-month period, helping to address labour shortages, improve output and make their operations more competitive. UR says that, in many cases, the manufacturers will be able to fund their monthly payments from already-realised productivity gains.

At the end of the leasing agreement, the manufacturer will have a choice. They can buy the cobot at a reduced cost, upgrade to a more recent technology, renew the agreement or simply return the rented cobot.

“We’re on a mission to ensure companies of all sizes can reach their full potential and this kind of leasing scheme will bring the benefits of automation and cobots to many more organisations,” says Mark Gray, Universal Robots’ country manager for the UK and Ireland. “I believe that improving the productivity of the UK SME manufacturing sector will have a major impact on the overall UK economy.”

The leasing scheme is being backed by DLL, a subsidiary of the Dutch banking and financial services company, Rabobank. It has been providing asset financing to manufacturers, dealers and distributors of hardware in more than 30 countries, for over 50 years.

Universal Robots’ leasing scheme will allow SMEs to acquire cobots with no upfront payment

The scheme is one of several initiatives that UR is rolling out during “SME automation month” including a Webinar that will address concerns that UK SMEs may have about introducing automation to their organisations, as well as a series of road shows across the country.

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