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18 May, 2024

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‘World’s smallest’ servodrives weigh just 18g

30 March, 2021

Celera Motion has announced a series of miniature servodrives that, it claims, are the world’s “smallest and most powerful” with “the highest power density in the smallest profile possible”. The Ingenia Capitan drives weigh just 18g and are 10.3mm high. They can provide 10A of continuous current, operating from 8–60V DC supplies.

Advanced power control and fast current and servo loops, combined with PWM frequencies up to 200kHz, are said to offer best-in-class performance. Efficiency is up to 99% and standby power consumption is as low as 1.12W, reducing heat generation.

The drives support multi-axis applications using EtherCat (with a bus latency down to two cycles), CANopen or high-speed SPI bus communications, with command update rates up to 20Hz. The low latency is said to optimise responsiveness. The drives have SIL-3 / PLe STO inputs.

Multiple drives can be linked via a fieldbus to create multi-axis systems, and can be mounted close to axes, cutting wiring costs and installation times.

The drives can be used with various types of motor including DC brushed and rotary brushless machines. They can also be used with Celera’s direct-drive frameless motors.

The low-profile drives are aimed at applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, flat actuators, end-effectors, exoskeletons, gimbals and haptic systems.

Celera’s tiny servodrives can deliver up to 10A of continuous current

There is a ready-to-use version (XCR) for rapid installation and commissioning. Pluggable module versions (NET and CORE) allow easy integration into carrier boards. Multiple axes can be embedded in a single PCB.

The drives are programmed using Celera’s Ingenia Motion Lab software which includes autotuning and monitoring functions.

Celera Motion is a business unit of Novanta Corporation. The Capitan drives were developed by the Spanish-based servodrive specialist Ingenia, which Celera acquired in 2019. The drives are available in the UK from Inmoco.

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