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11 December, 2023

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Learning lessons from other island nations

26 November, 2020

When a good team accomplishes a goal, it is usually backed up by a capable leader that has allowed them to do so. Without this, digital transformation is unachievable. If a good leader fully understands the benefits of what an increase in productivity through digitalisation would mean for their business, transformation becomes possible.

We don’t merely need a lot of expensive new digital equipment. That is most certainly not the answer in every case. Leaders need to look beyond the surface at how they can fundamentally change how their organisations function and perform, not only to survive but also to flourish in a digital world where connectivity and digital transformation are providing economies with a competitive edge. This will allow the UK to remain a leader.

What will define the whole world in this unfortunate time is how it rises up again after the decline. Never before has an economy had to face both a pandemic and a fundamental change in its trading structures at the same time but, with the right mentality, attitude and actions, the UK can thrive.

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