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19 May, 2024

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CT’s biggest-ever drive is ‘the lightest on the market’

22 October, 2020

Control Techniques has launched is biggest-ever drive – a 500kW frame 12 design that it claims is the lightest high-powered drive of its kind, and can be replaced by a single engineer in less than 30 minutes using pre-engineered accessories. The drive can be fitted with CT’s Unidrive M70X or Powerdrive F300 control module and can be installed in a standard cubicle which accommodates both module and accessories. Alternatively, the frame is available pre-assembled in its own industry-standard cabinet, as part of CT’s DFS Series.

Previously, the largest drive in Control Techniques’ 48-year history was a frame 11 design in ratings up to 250kW. Weighing 130kg, the new drive is up to 60kg lighter than its rivals, and because it is smaller than them, it will fit in the space available if used to replace an existing drive.. During servicing, factory-tested sub-assemblies can be exchanged on site without needing to return the complete drive to base.

A wide front face and low centre of gravity provide physical stability and safety during installation, so an installer can handle the wiring and connection single-handedly using fixed lifting points on the chassis.

Control Techniques claims that its new frame 12 drive is smaller and lighter than its rivals

The drive supports all of the main industrial communications protocols as standard, or via user-fitted option modules that provide direct, high-speed access to all of the drive’s parameters. For high-performance servo networks such as EtherCat and CANopen, the drive control loops are synchronised with the communication system to eliminate delays and enhance performance.

The frame 12 drive uses microprocessors and IGBTs to reduce EMC/RFI emissions, and to allow the use of longer motor leads. If external faults are detected, the IGBTs can shut down rapidly. A pair of rectifiers allow 12-pulse supply connections, reducing harmonic currents.

“Our new frame size 12 drives mark a bold new direction for Control Techniques, allowing us to provide a high-quality, high-power system into a new world of applications and industries,” says CT president, Tony Pickering. “As these new drives are effectively an extension of our Unidrive M range, users can be confident they are getting a product that is built with exceptional levels of performance, durability and flexibility in mind.

“Frame size 12 enables on-site repairs to be carried out, if necessary, and replacement emergency breakdown units can be available in as little as 24 hours,” Pickering adds. “Put simply, this is both our largest-ever drive and one of our simplest to commission. People across the world know and respect us for our smaller drives, so we’re naturally excited to introduce our large drive.”

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