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30 May, 2024

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5G private wireless networking will transform industry

22 July, 2020

Nokia has launched what it claims are the first commercial standalone (SA) 5G private wireless networking systems for industrial and manufacturing applications. It says the systems represent “the most comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of high-performance 4.9G/LTE and 5G private wireless networking solutions” available.

“With the introduction of 5G SA, we are setting a new standard for our enterprise customers with a world-class line-up of private wireless solutions to meet their digitalisation needs, no matter their entry point or connectivity requirements,” says Nokia Enterprise president, Raghav Sahgal.

“Private wireless connectivity is central to our customers realising their long-term digital transformation goals,” he continues. “By delivering 5G SA, we’re paving the way to accelerate digitalisation in the most demanding of use cases – such as automotive manufacturing – where cloud, robotics and autonomous machine operations create mission-critical demands for reliable low latency and high data rates.

“We recognise that 4.9G/LTE – which handles more than 85% of industrial applications – will continue to be the foremost private wireless solution for some time,” Sahgal adds. “With this announcement, we are bringing the best of both worlds. We are offering customers the choice to start with 4.9G/LTE, and evolve to 5G as the ecosystem matures, or alternatively, to go direct to 5G – validating the technology and driving OEM and industrial asset vendors to develop a thriving 5G ecosystem.”

Earlier this year, Nokia started 5G trials with several customers and mobile operator partners. It now has more than 180 private wireless enterprise customers worldwide, more than 30 of whom are using 5G. They include Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa and Toyota.

The users have the choice of either deploying Nokia’s plug-and-play automation cloud, or customising their networks with a modular private wireless technology.

Nokia predicts that private 5G wireless networks will revolutionise manufacturing

In the latest application, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology is deploying a 5G SA private wireless network at a test mine in Tampere, Finland. “The introduction of 5G opens the door to new opportunities in robotics, remote and autonomous operations, full-fleet automation, analytics and enhanced safety,” explains Patrick Murphy, president of Sandvik’s Rock Drills and Technologies business. “As such, it comprises a breakthrough in the digital transformation of mining.”

By introducing commercially available private wireless 5G SA, Nokia says it is also allowing OEMs and others to accelerate validation of 5G capabilities. This will help to kickstart the development of 5G-capable industrial assets, accelerate application development, and integrate 5G into future industrial processes and systems.

In addition to working with its private wireless network – which includes service providers, cloud partners, systems integrators, consultants and industry specialists – Nokia will also offer 5G for industry-specific uses.

Nokia’s announcement addresses the needs of markets such as Germany, Japan and the UK which, due to local 5G spectrum availability, are fundamental to early adoption of 5G and related technologies.

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