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17 April, 2024

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Pocket-sized thermal camera sends images straight to the cloud

14 May, 2020

Flir Systems has announced a pocket-sized thermal camera that uploads thermal images and videos directly to the cloud via WiFi, allowing maintenance personnel to store and back up the files, and to share them with other people. The Flir C5 – the first camera in the company’s Cx series to support its Ignite cloud services – is designed to speed up electrical and mechanical testing, energy auditing, and other applications.

The $699 (€649) camera uses a Flir Lepton thermal imaging sensor and a patented multi-spectral dynamic imaging technology that embosses visible scene details onto the thermal images to create a crisp image, helping users to pinpoint hidden problems rapidly.

Users can manage and share the data via email from any mobile device or desktop computer. With all of the images and videos in one place, it is easy to share data with colleagues and create reports for customers.

The compact thermal camera uploads images instantly to the cloud
Photo: Business Wire

“The Flir C5 helps professionals troubleshoot faster and more safely by guiding them to the source of problems including electrical faults, hot fuses, air leaks, plumbing issues, and moisture,” says Rickard Lindvall, general manager of Flir’s Solutions Line business. “The compact C5 is an ideal size to carry in a pocket or tool bag, enabling faster inspections.”

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