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17 April, 2024

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Flexible rotary encoder adapts to the application

15 April, 2020

The German sensor-maker Siko has developed an absolute magnetic encoder comprising a sensor and rule that can be adapted to suit the position and shape of an application. The MSAC200 flexCoder is aimed at rotary applications that cannot be implemented using off-the-shelf components, and which need high resolution and precision, and the ability to adapt to users’ designs. Examples include motor feedback, automated handling and assembly, and robotic systems.

Users can specify ring diameters from 44mm, with an absolute resolution of up to 21 bits. The distance between the sensor and the rule is ≤0.6 mm, and the axial tolerances are around ±0.2 mm. The repeat accuracy is 0.01 degrees.

When it is switched on, the encoder provides absolute position feedback. It uses either the BiSS-C motor feedback interface or an SSI interface. As an option, it can provide an analogue output in real time with sin/cos signals of 1Vss.

The only modification needed to an installation is to attach the rule onto the shaft. With some applications, a standard Siko magnet ring can be used. The electronics can be either curved or stacked, resulting in compact assemblies.

Siko’s flexible encoder system adapts to the application

Siko says that its in-house technologies for both rule and electronics technologies means that customs designs can be implemented quickly.

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