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22 February, 2024

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Lending a helping hand to electrical workers

09 November, 2019

We are supporting our industry to become more proactive in understanding what mental health is and how we can maintain or improve our well-being. This is why, on top of providing mental health awareness and mental health first-aider training, we have created a mental health calendar. This tool provides information, stats and guidance on the services we can provide to you, a family member, colleague or employee. Each month looks at a factor that can affect mental health, including work- or family-related stress, financial problems such as debts, caring for loved ones, starting a family, or experiencing a family breakdown.

As our health and mental well-being are important, so is our financial well-being. If we cannot keep our finances in check, this can lead to various mental health issues. What can you do, to stay on top of your finances? Christmas, although usually a joyful time of year, can also bring challenges. For many, Christmas puts an extra strain on their finances. Dealing with this is one of our services and is our focus for December’s entry into the mental health calendar. 

If you, a colleague or loved one are experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, and would like to find out more about the services the EIC offer, or would like to donate, please visit our Web site. You can also email us at for free and confidential advice. 

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