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17 April, 2024

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Wireless gateway sends real-time motor data to the cloud

02 January, 2020

The Brazilian motor-maker WEG has developed a wireless gateway that allows motor users to monitor the condition of any number of machines in real time, and to plan their maintenance accordingly. The gateway is an enhancement of the Motor Scan module that WEG announced last year.

The IP66 module can be retrofitted to the cooling fins of WEG motors in IEC frame sizes 63–450, where it performs temperature and vibration measurements. Previously it had to be used with an app running on an Android or iOS phone. The new gateway works as a router, capturing data from any of the modules within a range of about 30m, and sends the data to a secure cloud. The app is no longer needed, although users can still access the motor data via the app or via a dedicated Web portal to allow detailed analysis of the monitored motors.

WEG says that the gateway will allow users to perform predictive maintenance on their motors simply and cost-effectively, based on the actual condition of the machines, leading to extended motor lives and higher plant availability. The WEG IoT portal offers tools for diagnosing faults and configuring warnings.

Users can schedule up to 12 vibration measurements per day, as well as temperature measurements every ten minutes. Analyses are performed on demand because continuous monitoring would consume too much power from the module’s on-board battery.

The wireless gateway (right) makes the use of a phone-based app optional for monitoring and analysing motors

As well as monitoring surface temperatures and operating times, the Motor Scan modules measure vibrations at frequencies from 1–3kHz in three axes. The motor condition is determined by frequency spectrum analysis. The sensor can be used to monitor and diagnose motor parameters including temperature, vibration, operating time, load, speed and lubrication intervals. It can also sense imbalances and misalignment. Future versions will also measure current consumption and bearing condition.

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