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18 June, 2024

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Inverters offer a choice of three duty ratings

07 May, 2019

Omron has announced a new series of high-performance frequency inverters for induction and permanent magnet motors, that include an auto-tuning function said to maximise PM motor performance, leading to energy savings. In addition to the normal-duty (ND: 150% overload for 1 minute, or 200% for 3 seconds) and low-duty (LD: 120% for 1 minute, 150% for 3s) capabilities of the previous RX series, the new RX2 inverters add a very-low duty (VLD: 110% for 1 minute, 120% for 3s) rating, widening their range of applications.

The three-phase inverters are available in: IP20-protected 200V versions in ratings from 0.4kW(ND) / 0.75kW(LD/VLD) to 55kW(ND) / 75kW(LD/VLD); IP20 400V versions from 0.75kW(ND) / 1.5kW(LD/VLD) to 55kW(ND) / 75kW(LD/VLD); and IP00 400V models from 75kW(ND) / 90kW(LD/VLD) to 132kW(ND) / 160kW(LD/VLD). They offer sensorless and closed-loop vector control with 100% starting torque at 0Hz in the closed-loop mode, and 200% at 0.3Hz in the open-loop mode. Regenerative operation is an option.

A colour LCD simplifies setup and operation, while a parameter-copying function allows users to copy settings quickly to other RX2 inverters. The inverters include positioning functions and can perform simple sequence control programmed using Omron's CX-Drive software. Processes, such as crane and tension control, that need fast control speeds, can be configured without needing a PLC, cutting costs. An EMC filter is built in, avoiding the need for external hardware. Modbus communications are supported and there are plans to add an EtherCat option.

Omron's RX2 inverters are designed to boost performance while saving energy

The inverters, which can be connected to Omron’s NX and NJ automation controllers, have the same mounting dimensions as the earlier RX models, allowing easy replacement. Users can also migrate parameter settings and programs to the new inverters. Safe Torque Off (STO) to SIL 3 / Pl e is standard.

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