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14 April, 2024

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Liquid-cooled, 690V and crane drives debut at Hannover

12 March, 2019

At the Hannover Fair in April, Mitsubishi Electric will be showing extensions to its portfolio of frequency converters, including 690V models in ratings up to 630kW, a liquid-cooled series for use in harsh operating conditions, and high-performance drives dedicated to crane and winding applications.

The new 690V three-phase inverters operate at lower currents than the existing 200V and 400V models, reducing the size of the cables needed and saving space in confined locations.

The FR-A800-LC liquid-cooled converters span ratings from 110­–355kW. They are designed for use where conventional air cooling would be unsuitable because of high ambient temperatures or contamination – such as in tunnels, mines or heavy industry. Special heatsinks without cooling fins stop dust and dirt from settling, ensuring effective cooling even under the toughest conditions.

The FR-A800 inverters for cranes are equipped with firmware with crane-specific functions, such as anti-sway control and fall detection. They can also provide extra torque when lifting heavy loads, and can accelerate the movement of light loads to reduce cycle times and to make crane operations more economic. Built-in PLC functions allow applications such as position offset control to be programmed on overhead cranes without needing external controls, thus preventing them from crossing or jamming due to differing wheel speeds.

Mitsubishi's extended portfolio of frequency converters include additional voltage and power ranges.

The inverters dedicated to winding duties (R-A800-R2R) are aimed at roll-to-roll applications with varying peripheral speeds on the spools or rollers. Tension control compensates for mechanical losses due to friction on dancer rollers and winding rollers, improving the winding result by reducing the tension as the diameter increases (taper function), and dampening excessive swinging of support or dancer rollers in the tension control – for example, on paper or wire-drawing machines.

Standard FR-A800 drives can be upgraded to these dedicated duties by updating their firmware, thus reducing delivery times.

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