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23 May, 2024

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Danfoss buys Axco, Finnish maker of PM motor and generators

03 September, 2018

Danfoss is buying Axco-Motors, a Finnish manufacturer of large electric motors and generators – in ratings from 250kW up to 6MW – for applications such as renewable energy, marine vessels and off-highway vehicles. The financial terms of the deal have not been revealed.

Danfoss says that the acquisition will strengthen its global position in the mobile electrification sector. It adds that it is responding to a growing demand for technologies that can reduce emissions and improve efficiency and productivity.

“Electrification is a global megatrend and holds very strong potential in fighting pollution and climate change,” says Eric Alström, president of Danfoss Power Solutions. “This acquisition is another commitment to broaden our mobile electrification capability as a core competency for Danfoss.

“It gives us the total package for serving our global markets with optimal solutions, and fully supports our customers’ needs — regardless of the chosen technologies,” he adds. “This will enable further growth in the markets we serve.”

Axco-Motors was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from Lappeenranta University of Technology. It delivered its first axial-flux motors for applications such as compressors and fans the following year. These were followed by permanent magnet motors for windpower, hydroelectric power and marine applications. Danfoss is buying the business from the family-owned Finnish Sinituote Group.

Axco’s high-efficiency motors and generators are based on rare-earth (NdFeB) permanent magnet (PM) technology. The products include adaptable direct-drive PM motors and generators for gearless industrial applications.

Axco-Motors specialises in large permanent magnet motors and generators

It currently supplies hydroelectric generators up to 6MW, marine motors and generators up to 4MW, and windpower generators up to 500kW that do not need gearboxes or belt drives. It also offers motors for hybrid vehicles and high-speed machines – such as 40kW, 120,000rpm generators for micro gas turbines.

Axco-Motors will be integrated into Danfoss Editron — an electric drivetrain business within Danfoss Power Solutions.

“Several of our markets – such as off-highway, marine and distribution – are being challenged to reduce emissions and pollution,” explains Kimmo Rauma, vice-president of Danfoss Editron. “Mobile electric solutions are a highly relevant technology to this challenge, and Axco-Motors is the leading expert in the large-scale power range up to 6MW and thus an important and complementary technology to our current product range, and our mission to end pollution.”

"We have a passion for quality and for customer-focused products that fully meet the needs and requirements of each particular client, so joining Danfoss is great for us, because we have the same focus,” adds Axco-Motors’ CEO, Juhana Ylikojola. “Being part of Danfoss means bigger capacity, a broader client base and possibilities for investment in innovation and market opportunities.”

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