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13 July, 2024

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Conveyor roller-drive is ‘the first to offer digital feedback’

29 June, 2018

SEW-Eurodrive claims to be offering the first conveyor roller-drive that can be monitored constantly using a digital feedback system. It says that other roller-drives are controlled by analogue signals, providing no feedback on the motor’s temperature or speed, and making it difficult to isolate the cause of any errors.

The new ECDriveS provides a constant stream of values for current consumption, voltage, speed and temperature, allowing optimal use of the conveyor line without any unexpected interruptions. Condition monitoring of the networkable drives allows predictive maintenance, warning operators of any potential problems. An electronic nameplate allows components to be replaced quickly without costly restarts.

The drives deliver 40W of continuous power or up to 100W of dynamic power, and have an overload capacity of more than 250%. They are powered by electronically commutated 24V DC motors combined with a planetary gear and integrated into the roller. They can carry loads of up to 50kg at speeds of 0.04–5m/s with maximum acceleration torque of 6.4Nm. There is a gearmotor version (called ECG) that turns at 86–645 rpm with an acceleration torque of 9.5Nm. Both versions are IP54 protected (with IP66 as an option).

SEW-Eurodrive says that its new conveyor roller-drives are easy to integrate

Ethernet-based zone control of conveyor lines is possible using the ECC-0DFC (direct fieldbus control) device which provides control of ramps, torque-on-demand and positioning, as well as sensor recognition and diagnostics. A simpler device, the ECC-DBC, controls motors using a binary signal.

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