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30 May, 2024

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SEW-Eurodrive announces its own encoders and gear oil

08 May, 2018

At the recent Hannover Fair, SEW-Eurodrive announced that had developed and is manufacturing its own high-resolution encoders for use in its motors, and will also offer own-brand gear oils which, it claims, will improve lubrication and reduce wear.

SEW’s high-resolution incremental encoders will initially be incorporated into its DR.. modular motor system, where they fit between the B-side end-shield and the fan wheel, without adding to the motor’s length. They are available for asynchronous motors up to 11kW and can be specified when ordering a motor, or retrofitted.

The IP66-protected encoders, which offer a resolution of 1024 steps per revolution, have no moving parts and are therefore wear-free. They are connected via a terminal strip in the terminal box or via an M23 connector. The motor’s temperature sensor can be included in the encoder cable, avoiding the need for an extra cable. The encoders are available with HTL or TTL interfaces.

SEW-Eurodrive’s homegrown incremental encoders do not add to the length of a motor

SEW’s specially developed gear oils are designed to reduce the wear on seals and improve the lubricant film on gears, to improve anti-friction properties and extend service lives. They have been developed to a special formula based on SEW’s considerable experience and many test runs. The SEW-GearOil is also claimed to enhance gear efficiency and to protect against harmful foaming.

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