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27 May, 2024

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‘World’s smallest’ servodrive doubles output to 10kW

06 December, 2017

The Israeli motion controls manufacturer Elmo Motion Control has doubled the power of its tiny Gold Twitter servodrive – which it already claims is the world’s smallest – so that it can now deliver more than 10kW of “qualitative” power from a package that weighs a mere 33 grams.

The new Double Gold Twitter can generate continuous currents of 160A (at 80V) or 140A (at 100V), and is aimed at applications that need a small footprint, yet high power – such as machine tools, robotic vehicles, printing machinery, and antennae and tracking systems.

The servodrive is one of the smallest STO-certified (IEC 61800-5-2, SIL-3) drives on the market. It incorporates Elmo’s proprietary Fast and Soft Power Switching Technology (FASST), which optimises power-device switching and is said to deliver efficiencies above 99% and negligible electromagnetic interference.

The drive’s tiny size is a result of the high efficiency and allows it to be placed on moving components, on or inside motors, saving space, improving machine performance, reducing cabling and eliminating the need for electrical cabinets, while delivering large amounts of power.

Elmo's Double Gold Twitter servodrive weighs just 33g, but is said to deliver up to 10kW

“The Double Gold Twitter builds upon Elmo's philosophy of creating leaner machinery that performs with the highest speed and accuracy possible,” says the company’s CEO, Haim Monhait. “Our robust motion control solutions are integrated at the heart of the machines, enabling them to function with the highest speed and precision possible.”

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