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27 May, 2024

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Handheld 'scope shows the most relevant readings

29 March, 2016

Fluke has announced what it claims is the first handheld oscilloscope with an “intelligent” measurement detection function that displays the most relevant measurement value automatically. The ScopeMeter 120B instrument is designed to improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of troubleshooting electromechanical systems.

A technology called Connect-and-View recognises signal patterns and sets up the scope’s triggering, amplitude, and timebase automatically, eliminating the usual trial-and-error process. Once a waveform has been captured, the IntellaSet measurement detection function selects key measurements automatically, based on the acquired waveform type, and displays the most relevant values – for example, Vrms and Hz for a line voltage signal, or Vpeak-peak and Hz for a square wave – helping to identify and characterise potential faults.

There is also a function that captures and identifies intermittent events and lists them if they exceed a threshold. This lets users identify key events quickly, rather than combing through many individual readings.

As part of Fluke’s Connect system of wireless test tools, the ScopeMeter can send waveform data automatically to an app running on a smartphone or tablet. The measurements can then uploaded wirelessly to the cloud and combined with measurement data from other test tools to create and share site reports in real time. Waveforms recorded over time can be compared to identify and troubleshoot conditions that could lead to failures.

Fluke's ScopeMeter: shows the most relevant measurements automatically

The wireless instrument can also be placed in locations that are difficult to access or are potentially hazardous, allowing measurements to be made from a safe distance. 

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