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12 July, 2024

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'World's smallest' smart cameras avoid the need for PCs

14 January, 2016

Cognex has announced a family of compact, standalone vision systems that deliver data at PC-like speeds, without needing a PC. The In-Sight Micro 8000 cameras include the “world’s smallest” self-contained 5-Megapixel vision system.

The cameras have the same form factor as a traditional “dumb” GigE Vision camera, and support Power-over-Ethernet, minimising cabling and making them suitable for installation in tight spaces on robots and hard-to-reach machinery.

They incorporate Cognex’s PatMax RedLine pattern-matching software and are set up using In-Sight Explorer. They also run its In-Sight vision tools at speeds that previously needed a high-performance PC. They measure just 31 x 31 x 63mm – no bigger than an image-capture-only camera.

“As line speeds increase, manufacturers demand greater accuracy, larger fields of view, and faster vision tool performance – all without a PC on the factory floor,” says Joerg Kuechen, Cognex vice-president and manager of its Vision Products business.

Cognex says that its tiny cameras are the world's smallest stand-alone vision systems

He adds that by combining the “blazing fast frame rates” of the tiny cameras with the “lightning speed” of the pattern-matching software, users will be able to optimise resolution, speed and performance, even on the fastest production lines. “This allows them to reduce cycle times, boost productivity, increase resolution without any loss of throughput, or perform additional inspections without increasing cycle times.”

The new cameras are suitable for guidance, inspection, gauging and identification applications.

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