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20 April, 2024

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Servodrives offer ‘unique’ noise suppression

20 January, 2015

At the SPS IPC Drives show, the German drives manufacturer KEB unveiled a new series of bookshelf-format servodrives and matching servomotors, which offer real-time communications with higher-level controls via EtherCat, Varan or Can. The Combivert S6 drives can control asynchronous, synchronous, IPM or synchronous reluctance motors, using either encoder feedback for accurate positioning, or sensorless operation to achieve precise speed and torque control without needing speed feedback.

Initially, the three-phase (200–480V, 50/60Hz) servodrives are available in a 50 x 250mm format with outputs up to 2.2kW, 8kHz nominal switching frequencies and a 2.5 times overload capability. There is a built-in brake controller for direct connection to PM brakes.

The range will be extended to 5.5kW in the first half of 2015.

A “unique” feature of the drives is said to be their integrated noise suppression for C1 and C2 environments (EN 61800-3), with leakage currents of less than 5mA for motor cables of up to 50m long. They can be be used in installations with F1-protected switches with 30mA ratings.

At first, the drives will support the STO safety function (Pl e / SIL 3), but there are plans to add further modular safety functions (SS1, SS2, SOS and SLS) later.

KEB's new servodrives are accompanied by a series of matching servomotors

The drives have two universal channels for resolvers and various encoders, including devices that support Hiperface, Endat and BiSS. There are plans to add Profinet and Powerlink to the communications options.

The matching Dynamic Line III servomotors are available in five sizes with torque ratings up to 29Nm. The robust motors can be combined with low-backlash SG planetary gearheads.

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