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13 July, 2024

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EEF’s Scouler takes the chair of EU manufacturing body

03 July, 2014

Terry Scuoler, chief executive of the UK manufacturers' organisation, EEF, has been appointed chair of Ceemet, the body that represents more than 200,000 manufacturers across Europe. He will lead the organisation in its discussions with officials at the European Commission and Parliament for the next three years.

Scuoler will drive policies to boost manufacturing across Europe. His first duty is to launch Ceemet's European Roadmap, which sets out proposals to help promote an industrial renaissance in Europe. The roadmap, in which EEF has played a key role, supports the EU's target of raising manufacturing's contribution to EU GDP from the current 15.1% to 20% by 2020.

The roadmap sets out proposals for reforming the European Commission and Parliament to make economic growth and the creation of high-skill jobs a priority. These include calls for:

•  fit-for-purpose policies, active leadership and concerted efforts to ensure that all EU policies that affect manufacturing competitiveness are aligned to the 20% target;

•  access to skills-focused and dynamic labour markets, to foster R&D, innovation and job creation; and

•  improved cooperation between policy-makers and industry.

Scuoler: Manufacturing is critical to the future of the European economy

The proposals include having a European Commissioner with responsibility for boosting EU policies on competitiveness, as well as strengthening the Competitiveness Council to scrutinise all proposed legislation to ensure that it boosts rather than hinders competitiveness. It also calls for more rigorous assessments of the impact of legislation, with failure to meet rigorous competitiveness tests resulting in the proposals having to be re-considered or dismissed.

“Manufacturing is critical to the future of the European economy, providing the economic growth and high-skill jobs we urgently need,” says Scouler. “We cannot go on doing the same things over and over again and expect to see a different result. The recent elections have sent an uncomfortable message to European policymakers that must now be heeded as a matter of urgency.

“There is a growing consensus in favour of an industrial renaissance and increased competitiveness across Europe,” he adds. “I hope to support and contribute to future policies that will help deliver this vision.”

Ceemet (the Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology-Based Industries) consists of 23 national bodies representing more than 200,000 companies, most of them SMEs, that provide more than 35 million jobs, directly and indirectly.

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