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20 April, 2024

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Liquid-cooled converters cut energy and running costs

17 March, 2014

For the first time, Siemens is offering liquid-cooled active interface modules (AIMs) for its Sinamics S120 low-voltage converters. The modules cover the voltage range 500–690V, and have a 1.7MW power rating.

The new modules ­– which will be shown for the first time at the Hannover Fair in April – incorporate liquid-cooled reactors and filter modules, and associated connecting elements.

Instead of heat dissipating into the surroundings, it is transferred almost completely to the cooling liquid. This reduces the need for climate control and associated installation, maintenance and operating costs. Because the modules do not need a fan, their power consumption is also lower.

Unlike converters with rectifier inputs on the line side, the Sinamics S120 converters with active line modules can feed energy back into the network. The AIMs combine with the active line modules to form a functional system and, as a line connection, are essential for converter operation.

The AIM filters out most of the harmonics to reduce harmonic distortion on the line side.

Siemens' liquid-cooling system reduces the need for room climate control

Up to four modules can be connected in parallel so that up to 5.7MW can be reached on the motor side, and up to 6.46MW on the line side. This allows the converters to cover a wide range of applications.

The compact liquid-cooled converters are suitable for use in confined spaces – for example, for ship propulsion systems – and in harsh environments, such as those encountered in the mining, oil and gas industries.

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