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13 June, 2024

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Test tools are designed to be used near VSDs

14 March, 2014

The thermal imaging specialist Flir has announced the first in a series of premium test and measurement tools designed to complement its Extech brand, which will continue to serve the mass market. The first six T&M products to carry the Flir brand include clampmeters and digital multimeters designed to be used in electrically noisy environments near variable speed drives (VSDs).

Initially six tools – including three electrical meters – are being launched, and the range will be expanded “rapidly” over the coming months.

“The Flir brand is synonymous with highly reliable and cost-effective thermal imaging and we now want to bring these values to more instruments used for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring,” explains sales manager, Andy Baker.

The electrical meters incorporate bright dual-LED lights designed to illuminate dimly-lit work areas and support Bluetooth communications with Android mobile devices running Flir’s Tools Mobile app. They can also connect wirelessly to Flir thermal imaging cameras that support Meterlink, allowing electrical readings to be embedded into IR images in real time.

The six initial instruments are:

•  The FLIR CM83, an industrial clampmeter with power analysis functions and advanced VSD filtering for testing three-phase systems and VSD-controlled equipment. A harmonics mode can find noise from electrical sources, a phase rotation function confirms the phase orientation of three-phase systems, while an inrush current function detects start-up transients.

•  The FLIR DM93 is a rugged digital multimeter with VSD filtering that allows accurate analysis of non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals in VSD-controlled equipment. A special mode eliminates ghost readings, while automatic data recording detects intermittent glitches.

Flir's first six test and measurement tools: more are on the way

•  The FLIR CM78 combines the capabilities of a clampmeter and true-rms multimeter with a non-contact IR thermometer and Type K thermocouple. It allows users to capture accurate AC/DC readings up to 1kA or 1kV.

•  The FLIR VP52 is a compact, non-contact voltage detector with a LED worklight and dual-LED convenience lights at the tip of its probe. Other features include vibration feedback, and multi-colour LED alarms for inspections in noisy areas.

•  The FLIR VS70 videoscope has “intuitive” controls that allow users to guide a probe into tight areas to produce video images on a 5.7” colour LCD. The instrument provides 90- and 180-degree camera views and can capture voice comments via a headset. Video, image and audio files can be stored on SD cards.

•  The FLIR MR77 moisture meter has a pinless sensor and an external pin probe that can capture moisture readings up to 19mm below the surface of materials. The rugged instruments also include a field-replaceable temperature/humidity sensor, spot IR thermometer and laser pointer. Readings can be transferred via Bluetooth to Android devices running the Flir app and via Meterlink to thermal imaging cameras.

“The first six products are just a taster,” says Baker. “There are many more in the pipeline.”

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