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13 July, 2024

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IE4 PM motor package will pay for itself in two years

12 December, 2013

At the recent SPS IPC Drives show in Germany, Yaskawa was demonstrating a package of a permanent magnet (PM) motor and a matching inverter which, it says, operates with a higher efficiency than the proposed IE4 level and will pay for itself in about two years through increased energy savings compared to an IE2 motor-and-inverter combination.

The SPRiPM motor is claimed to be up to 50% lighter and 40% (two frame sizes) smaller than a similarly-rated IE2 induction machine, allowing space to be saved in machines, or more powerful motors to be used to improve productivity and performance in the same space.

The eight-pole PM motor, which is available in frame sizes from 72–132 with output powers from 1.5–18.5kW, delivers 100% torque from start-up and 150% at 150 rpm. It has 60% less inertia than an induction motor, resulting in faster starting and stopping times. This, in turn, could lead to shorter cycle times.

The motor is optimised for applications where high starting torques are needed to move large masses, such as screw and belt conveyors, extruders, compressors and hydraulic pumps.

The SPRiPM motors are designed to be used in combination with Yaskawa’s V1000 inverter and an EMC filter. The company says that because the drive is preconfigured for use with the PM motor, the time needed to get the combination running is just three minutes. It provides precise speed control without needing an encoder.

Yasakawa says its PM motor and inverter package can get going in three minutes

The motors can also be used with Yaskawa’s A1000 inverters to deliver around 200% of torque at zero speed.

The SPRiPM motors are available in 1,500 rpm versions (covering outputs from 1.5–18.5kW and torque ratings from 9.5–115.8Nm) and in 3,000 rpm versions (with outputs from 2.2–15kW and torque ratings from 7–47.7Nm).

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