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25 May, 2024

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Brushless servomotors cope with demanding applications

10 July, 2013

The Israeli motion control specialist Servotronix has announced a family of precision brushless servomotors suitable for positioning tasks with demanding requirements for dynamics and stability. The Pro Series motors cover rated outputs from 100W–8.3kW, rated output torques from 0.3–40Nm, and speeds up to 5,000 rpm.

The motors can be used with Servotronix’s CDHD servodrives which offer a frequency response of up to 3kHz, and autotuning capabilities that minimise position error and reduce settling times to almost zero. An anti-vibration technology eliminates mechanical resonance and ensures accurate positioning, even in non-rigid systems.

The motors operate from 120/240V AC single- or three-phase, or 400/480V three-phase supplies. Feedback options include resolvers, TTL and absolute multi-turn encoders. There are also various shaft, flange, and brake options, while customisation options include IP67 protection, optimised motor windings, and a choice of connectors.

The CDHD drives offer STO (Safe-Torque-Off), 16-bit analogue inputs, fault relays, secondary feedback, encoder simulation, adaptive feed-forward, and PWM manipulation. Connection options include analogue commands, pulse and direction, CANopen, and EtherCat, with Profinet being available soon.

Sevotronix' range of servomotors and drives

The PRO Series is supplied with Servotronix’s ServoStudio graphic software, which includes wizards for easy drive-motor configuration and testing. The software also simplifies tuning of advanced current, position and velocity loops, for optimised control of any electromechanical system.

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