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17 July, 2024

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Hannover Fair 2013 exclusive show report

23 June, 2013

At Hannover, Siemens announced several safety developments including: the integration of its Step 7 Safety engineering software into its TIA Portal V12 engineering framework; a range of failsafe I/O modules for its distributed ET 200SP I/Os; and new failsafe Simatic S7-1500F controllers based on the standard models but expanded with safety functions certified to EN 61508 and suitable for applications to SIL 3 / PL e.

Siemens has also developed a 24V DC UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with an Ethernet interface that can be integrated into an Ethernet network or, via Profinet, into a TIA environment. The Sitop UPS1600, available with output currents of 10A or 20A, can protect multiple controllers or industrial PCs (IPCs). If needed, it can deliver up to three times the nominal current to start up IPCs.

Siemens has developed what it claims is the smallest vacuum circuit-breaker for air-insulated MV switchboards up to 12kV. The Sion 3AE5 breaker is 30% smaller than its predecessor, resulting in smaller, less costly switchboards. It measures 540 x 447 x 390mm.

New from steute is a series of switchgear products for demanding environments. The 91 series heavy-duty products (shown above) include: emergency pull-wire switches with fibreglass-reinforced thermoplastic enclosures and stainless-steel screws; a belt-alignment switch with an adjustable roller that monitors the correct performance of conveyor belts; and heavy-duty position switches for use on machines in demanding industries.

Weidmüller is offering a range of single-phase solid-state relays for reliable, noise-free switching of AC loads up to 75A. Using an optional plug-in controller, the PSSR relays can also be used to monitor current on five loads connected in parallel and to set off an alarm if the current drops by 16%. It can also identify and report short circuits and disconnections, and detect defective loads.


The American robot-maker Adept Technology announced at Hannover that it is extending its range of PLC-programmable robots with new ePLC versions of its Cobra Scara robots, Quattro four-arm delta robots, and Viper articulated robots for assembly applications. The ePLC versions interface directly with PLCs from Rockwell and Siemens, making it easier and quicker to deploy robots without having to learn a new programming language.

Bauer Gear Motor used the Hannover Fair to launch a business called Industrial Drive Applications that will design and build helical and helical-bevel gearboxes in torque ratings up to 300kNm, and planetary boxes up to 1.5MNm.

Baumüller announced a new range of long-stroke asynchronous linear motors in three sizes with nominal force ratings up to 600N and capable of speeds up to 5ms. The water-cooled LAE10 motors (above) can be used with a linear encoder and servo controller for precise programmable positioning. They can also be used with frequency converters to operate in a speed control mode.

Bibby Transmissions (part of Altra Industrial Motion) has expanded its Torsiflex range of disc couplings and made design improvements which allow smaller couplings to be used. It has introduced a new, easy-to-maintain hub that can accommodate large-diameter shafts, thus reducing coupling sizes and weights.

Bonfiglioli has worked with a “famous design studio” to develop two ranges of low-backlash planetary gearboxes in five sizes with output torques from 30–800Nm. The low-maintenance TQ in-line (above) and TQK right-angle boxes use a special tooth technology that is said to result in high safety factors for transmissable torque and the ability to withstand high overhung and thrust loads. The IP65-protected boxes also exhibit high torsional rigidity and low noise.

Festo says that its EXCM H-gantry will allow fast and precise positioning in cramped locations. The compact planar surface gantry uses a recirculating toothed belt to move a slide on two axes to reach any point in its working area. The ready-to-install system can achieve speeds of 500m/s and repetition accuracies of ±0.05m.

The Swiss company Güdel has a new generation of linear axes that use large rollers to provide rigidity and stiffness. The dirt-resistant Trackmotion TMF axes are manufactured in sections that can be combined to achieve stroke lengths of up to 100m. They can be driven by servo gearboxes or dynamic planetary gearboxes.

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