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22 February, 2024

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Hannover Fair 2013 exclusive show report

23 June, 2013

Siemens has expanded its Siplus CMS2000 condition monitoring system by adding a module that allows eight piezo-electric vibration sensors to be connected to the system to provide more comprehensive monitoring and to cut costs per channel. Two of the Vib-Mux (vibration multiplexer) modules can be used simultaneously to provide 16 sensor connections. The system, designed for permanent installation, also records speed, temperature and other variables for predictive maintenance.

At Hannover, steute introduced a family of inductive proximity switches (above) as an alternative to electromechanical position switches or magnetic sensors. The three-wire DC sensors, which have long switching distances, have PNP switch inserts with one NO contact. There is a choice of sizes from M8 to M30, and plug-in connectors or hard-wired cables. Protection is from IP67 to IP69K. There are special versions for extreme temperatures and for hazardous areas (zone 0 and 20).

Weidmüller has launched a device that measures and records electrical characteristics such as current, voltage, and apparent and reactive power for each connected phase as well as in total. The Power Monitor (below) has a four-line backlit display that is updated every 0.1s and is accurate to within 1%. The monitor can record currents down to 1mA for standby measurements. It can be integrated into higher-level power management systems and has built in USB and RS-485 ports.

Weidmüller also has a new device that registers, records and timestamps large current pulses such as those produced by voltage surges or lightning strikes. The Varitector Logger 30 can be used to document system loads. It uses an external sensor with a ferrite toroid and has a built-in two-line LCD for visualising pulse data.


Beckhoff was celebrating EtherCat’s tenth anniversary at Hannover. Its latest EtherCat product is a compact box (shown below) with eight selectable digital inputs or outputs, two digital tachometer inputs with a 2.5kHz limit frequency, two analogue inputs, one analogue output and a current-controlled 1.2A PWMi output that can be used, for example, to control simple proportional valves. The IP67-protected EP8309 EtherCat Box is said to simplify wiring when controlling EtherCat equipment outside of protective cabinets. The tachometer inputs can be used to monitor two speeds on two different shafts or, with simple sensors, the speed and direction of rotation on one shaft.

New from Lapp is a Profibus optical link module which, it says, is a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to standard optical signal converters. The Epic module can be used as a bus extension in Profibus networks, or in environments where EMC is a factor. Diagnostic LEDs help with troubleshooting.

Lapp also has “the world’s first” ultra-flexible, torsion-resistant Ethernet cables that can transfer data at speeds of up to 10Gbit/s. The Etherline Cat 6A cables are aimed at applications such as robotics and machine vision systems. There are two versions: one for use in energy chains requiring at least a million bending cycles; the other for high-torsion applications. Lapp had to develop a new construction to screen both individual twisted pairs and the whole cable, that would be sufficiently hard-wearing in constantly moving cables. 

Phoenix Contact has announced a Bluetooth wireless module that can transfer Ethernet data over a distance of up to 250m at up to 3Mb/s. The IP65-protected FL BT EPA MP module is compatible with Profinet, ProfiSafe, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP. It can handle up seven Bluetooth connections in parallel. Its 1.1W power requirement makes it suitable for battery-powered applications. 

Siemens has released a new version (v12) of its Sinema Server network management software designed to monitor Ethernet and Profinet networks continuously. The new version can monitor 500 devices – twice as many as before – and can display the status of up to 100 other Sinema Servers in a network. Connected components are identified automatically. The software, allows users to define alarm thresholds for various parameters. It can also be used to document device inventories and network availability and utilisation.

Weidmüller unveiled an industrial router (above) that provides secure communications between Ethernet-based systems

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