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22 May, 2022

Wireless footswitch uses new comms technology

11 June, 2013

The German safety specialist steute has developed a two-channel wireless communications technology designed to be reliabie and to operate effectively in the same area as other wireless systems. The system, called sWave 2.4GHz-safe, is based on a pseudorandom frequency-hopping technology with the hopping pattern known only to the transmitter and receiver.

The first steute product to use the wireless system is a safety footswitch which will typically used to allow settings to be made safely on machines with opened guards. As long as the operator is actuating the switch, the machine can be operated in setting mode. The absence of trailing cables from the footswitch enhances safety.

The footswitches can also be used for robotic applications and for machines with large movable parts, such as presses.

steute's wireless footswitch: easy to position, with no trailing leads

The new wireless system meets the requirements of PL d and SIL 3.

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