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26 March, 2023

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Sinewave filter ‘solves inverter-driven motor issues’

12 April, 2013

The Canadian power quality specialist Mirus International has developed a technology that, it says, marks a substantial step in mitigating harmonic issues associated with inverter-driven motors. The Inversine AUSF (advanced universal sinewave filter) is designed to transform chopped-up PWM VFD output voltages into clean sinewaves with a THD (total harmonic distortion) of less than 3%.

The technology protects motors against reflected waves that can cause winding failures, degrade cable insulation and lead to high levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI/RFI). It also corrects the motor power factor to almost unity and offers “the lowest losses of any sinewave filter” because it does not need damping resistors.

The system is designed to work with all makes of PWM variable-speed drives in applications such as:

•  installations with cables up to 4.7km long between drives and motors;

•  electrical submersible pumps with long motor cables;

•  existing motors with insufficient motor or cable insulation;

•  drives controlling several parallel motors;

•  motor-drive systems needing low peak voltage levels and dV/dt rise-time ratios;

•  HVAC systems where motor noise needs to be reduced; and

•  motor-drive applications requiring maximum safety and reliability.

Mirus president and CEO Tony Hoevenaars says the technology was developed “to address dV/dt overvoltage issues which can cause motor and motor cable insulation breakdown and to eliminate heating in the motor caused by highly distorted PWM voltage waveforms”. He adds that the company is developing a common-mode choke option to block motor bearing currents that can lead to bearing fluting.

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