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25 May, 2024

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Compact drive heralds a new generation

27 December, 2012

At the recent SPS/IPC/Drives show, Rockwell Automation unveiled the first in a new generation of compact AC drives, designed to help machine-builders and end-users to simplify equipment design and operation, and to speed installation and configuration. The modular PowerFlex 525 drive spans the range 0.4–22kW at 100–600V and offers a choice of open- or closed-loop operation. It is suitable for machine-level and standalone applications, or simple system integration.

Users can configure the drives via a “human interface module” or using external software. Time-saving “application sets” provide groups of predefined parameters for common applications that users can apply immeditiately, or customise. Machine-builders can download the configurations via a USB port and share them with multiple drives, thus cutting commissioning times.

Removing the control module from the power module reduces start-up times further, because configuration and installation can be done simultaneously. Mains-free programming via a USB connection avoids the need for power during configuration.

Embedded EtherNet/IP ports optimise integration with programmable controllers. Optional dual-port Ethernet/IP connections support a device-level ring topology for a robust network infrastructure.

A SIL2/PLd-certified, embedded Torque-Off function helps prevent drive restarts after a safety circuit has tripped. An economiser mode helps to optimise energy consumption by monitoring an application’s current demand and refining the drive`s operating parameters accordingly. For example, if the drive detects that less current is needed to move a load, it can reduce the flux current to the motor.

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