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27 May, 2024

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`Only complete range` of IE4 motors cut losses by up to 40%

14 December, 2012

At the recent SPS/IPC/Drives show in Germany, the Brazilian motor-maker WEG launched what it claims is the only complete range of standard motors on the global market that exceeds the yet-to-be-implemented IE4 efficiency regulations. The W22 Super Premium three-phase induction motors span the power range 3–355kW and are said to cut losses by up to 40% compared to previous designs.

The motors are based on the mechanical design of WEG’s existing W22 motors and use “classical” components, rather than exotic materials such as rare-earth magnets. Their high efficiency has been achieved using a combination of techniques to cut losses.

For example, the cooling system has been redesigned to optimise the airflow, improving the motors’ operating efficiency, even in tough environmental conditions. Stray losses have been reduced through a combination of redesigning the stator and rotor dimensions, optimising the airgaps, and using advanced machining techniques. Iron and copper losses have been reduced by using advanced design technologies, high-quality silicon steels and special stamping processes.

For a 45kW, four-pole motor, the efficiency is 95.8% and losses are 1,936W. By comparison, a similar IE3 motor operates at 95.1% efficiency with losses of 2,275W, while a typical machine from 1990 would operate with an efficiency of 90.2% and have losses of 4,797W.

WEG cites the example of 55kW, four-pole motor operating for 20 hours a day, 360 days a year. A motor from 1997 operating with an efficiency of 91.3% would cost €48,881 to run for a year (on electricity costing 0.1127/kWh – a typical price in Germany). A new IE4 machine with an efficiency of 95.7% would cost €46,634 to run – a saving of €2,247.

As well as being extremely efficient, the W22 Super Premium motors are also said to be quieter, more reliable, easier to maintain and more cost-effective. They have low operating temperatures, increasing their insulation lives and extending their service intervals

The new motors include 2-, 4- and 6-pole machines in frame sizes up to 355. With the 225–355 frames, the terminal box can be positioned on the top or side.

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