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2 June, 2023

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How to avoid machine vision’s blind spots

11 April, 2013

Martin Gadsby, director of Optimal Industrial Automation, looks at some of the challenges in “difficult” machine vision applications, and outlines ways to tackle them.

Electric actuators can cut energy bills by 90%

09 April, 2013

A study has shown that pneumatic actuators consume 10.3 times more energy than electromechanical devices. Piers Olsen, sales and marketing director for automation at Olsen Engineering in the UK, examines the energy-saving potential of electromechanical actuators.

Solving the problems of long-stroke motion

10 April, 2013

Achieving reliable, accurate linear motion over distances of more than 10m poses several problems. Anders Trygg, a product manager in Thomson’s linear components group, examines these problems and suggests how they can be solved.

Dutch match-maker links controls firms with EU partners

11 March, 2013

For more than 40 years, an agency of the Dutch government has been helping to set up links between manufacturers in developing countries and companies in Europe. Malcolm Sheryn, who is the agency’s external expert for the motion control sector, explains how the scheme operates.

The dos and don'ts of managing a controls project

11 March, 2013

There are many ways that controls projects can go wrong. Michael Hill, managing director of UK-based Optima Control Solutions, draws on his extensive experience to offer advice on how to manage projects effectively, to the satisfaction of both the supplier and the client.

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